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Currently, I work as the Deputy Chief of Staff & Public Safety Director for the Mayor of San Francisco. I have truly enjoyed my career as a public servant, prosecutor, speaker, writer, and on-air legal & political analyst. You can check out some of the highlights of my work around this website!

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"Paul gave such an inspirational speech! If you ever have a chance to hear him speak, you should do so." - Rose Torre (President San Francisco Toastmasters)
"He is a great attorney." - Chris Mathews (TV Host: Hardball / MSNBC)
"[He] is one of our finest political minds" - Current TV
"[He is] a consummate professional." - Anderson Cooper (TV Host: AC360 / CNN)
"[Paul is] one of the most astute legal minds in the entire state. He is a luminary in the legal field." - California Lawyer Magazine